Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sunny California

Sorry I haven't updated this in awhile. We just got the internet the other day and i have been very busy exploring my new city. So far we have gone to Santa Monica beach with Mary Francis and Scott, Malibu beach, and today we went to Venice beach with Vince. They all have been a lot of fun. I am loving living here so far. I'm even starting to get used to the helicopters at night. Our apartment is coming together nicely and I'm starting to here back about jobs which is awesome.  Today is also my 1 year anniversary with my amazing girlfriend Steph who I am missing like crazy. Only 14 more days tills she comes to visit! I'll try and be better about updating this now that we have the internet. 

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randomsugarwords said...

Ooh, a pic of my boy! Thanks D.

I am so glad you guys are having such a good time. Good luck with those call backs! Hope the perfect job turns up for all of you! Happy Anniversary too!!