Tuesday, July 22, 2008

moving to california

Welcome to my first blog. I set up a blog to keep all my friends updated on my road trip out to LA and living out west. 
Brian Robby and I just got an apartment which is really exciting. Much thanks to Vince and AC for the help!
First stop is Brooklyn to stay with Nick and Francois two of my best friends. Then I'll be meeting Brian in Jersey. 
I'm going to miss New England and all the amazing people here. Keep in touch. I love you all
Thats all for now.


robdowsley said...

im starting this also. yayyyy

Mary Frances Burgio said...

aw yay! I love bloggers! I will comment thoroughly during your trip giving you bits of motivation and inspiration..especially for the last 12 hours. ha ha. I hope you guys have lots of fun! your house looks precious and i can't wait to visit!