Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pals, Pictures, and Poses

Hello all you east coast wankers!,   
   So you may be wondering about my title "PALS, PICTURES, AND POSES", well, it's not just because the words all start with "P" and end in "S" (except for and). It's because those are the three things you need to have a great day! I had a great today today, you know why? Yup, I had my 3 P's. Took all kinds of fucked up pics with my bros makin wierd poses. So it was a good day. Now I am in Nicolas' room listening to "rockabye baby: lullaby renditions of Led Zeppeling." Derek is swaying to the rhythm and staring at the floor.   

Todays blog was written by know other than Mr. Nicolas Saucier Dube.

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