Friday, July 25, 2008


Yesterday was amazing. Nick and I walked all around New York all day which was rad because I was able to go to B&H and get a new lens! We went to some bar that served 32oz beers in styrofoam cups with lids and straws so you could walk around with them in the park. Then we hung out on his roof which had a beautiful view of all of Manhatten
I left Brooklyn today at 7 to meet up with Brian in Jersey. I had a little car problems at first so we didn't get as far as we had originally thought we would but we made it down past harrisonburg virginia. We are staying at an awesome camp site with with all kinds of fun rednecks singing karaoke which was funny because they are sounded like Taylor.
Tomorrow we'll be on our way to Nashville to stay my good ol' buddy Felicia. 


Emily said...

Ha! If you ever want to talk redneck, I'll be more than happy to join you. I had some wonderful experiences with them on my trip through the deep south. Give Felicia a hug for me and have a safe trip! Miss you:)

Taylor said...

They did not sound like me ya bastard! Haha, hope the trip is going well!!!

Derek Wood said...

yeah they did. bunch a hillbilly's all of ya!